Michalina Kujawska

Senior Chinese Marketing Specialist

Michalina Kujawska

Influencer marketing, content creation and community management are main areas I work in to promote games on the Chinese market. I like to perceive every game as an unique work of art. What inspires me most is meeting the people behind these brilliant ideas.

Passion for travelling, interest in Asian culture and thirst for learning foreign languages made me choose Chinese as a major. Before joining Huqiao I worked as a translator of technical documents and literature.

Mindfulness and attention to detail every step of the way.

6 months

studying Chinese language and literature at Sichuan University

7 years

practicing yoga

38 countries



We develop our skills in aT-shaped model

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

People-oriented attitude makes me easily establish guanxi with Chinese influencers and collaborate with them to promote my clients’ games.


Equipped with knowledge about Chinese social media platforms and creativity, I create content and adjust it to the Chinese audience.


Active listening to Chinese gaming community members makes me understand and address their needs.

Michalina privately...

Interesting facts that not everyone knows about


I love travelling, especially to Asia


My favourite type of yoga is dynamic vinyasa and kundalini


I live to eat and my favourite dish is 鱼香茄子 (Sichuan-style eggplant)

Wojciech Jaworski
Wojciech Jaworski

Michalina redefines what it means to be an engaged team member. She gives her 110% looking for solutions and improvements both in the process itself as well as the overall experience from a client's POV. She is highly creative and comes up with surprising solutions to challenges she faces when talking with Chinese influencers. I am inspired by how Michalina sees and describes the games we work on, finding common narratives, world-building techniques, and creating the bridge between Chinese gamers and Western developers.

Weronika Jaszcz
Weronika Jaszcz
Senior Marketing & Growth Specialist

When a sudden crisis arises - or you have a client that needs to be taken care of - Michalina is the person to call. She is diligent in her work and thorough on every project she manages. What’s more, her support and cheerleading has been invaluable to me during the last few months at Huqiao. Listening to her good news always brings a smile to my face! I have no doubts that I can trust her with everything.

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