Weronika Jaszcz

Senior Marketing & Growth Specialist

Weronika Jaszcz

That post on our social media you read last week? I wrote it. Ads with a yellow logo that won’t leave you alone? I set them up. Series of emails in your inbox? Hi…

I am responsible for execution and optimisation of our strategy. From content creation, through performance campaigns to prospecting, as a Senior Growth & Marketing Specialist I take care of everything that drives revenue for Huqiao.

“The future is dark, which is the best thing the future can be, I think.”

35h 10min

time it takes to hitchhike from Cracow to Kiten.

50k words a month? No big deal for a NaNoWriMo veteran.


number of hours spent playing Crusader Kings 2.


We develop our skills in aT-shaped model

Constant learning


Marketing should start with active listening to your clients, not the other way round.

Constant learning

When I started out in Huqiao, I know nothing about China - or marketing, if I'm to be honest. It's one of the most exciting things in my daily work - to learn know much I don't know and try to bridge that gap.


I will approach every new topic with all the enthusiasm that I have... And I have quite a lot of it.

Roni privately...

Interesting facts that not everyone knows about


In my spare time, I create fantasy illustrations.


I consider potatoes to be the supreme vegetable.


I have a soft spot for Chinese gacha games…

Wojciech Jaworski
Wojciech Jaworski

Great listener

Weronika joined Huqiao through the "Careers of tomorrow" programme co-organised by Google. During her first three months, she had an opportunity to create content for Huqiao social media channels and she did it with great passion and attention to detail. Now, many months later, I know that once Weronika learns a process, with time she will not only master it, but provide valuable insights on how to improve it. What is more, Weronika is a great listener, a skill which she puts to use during many calls with Huqiao's clients, partners, and during events. My life would have been much harder without her precise notes.

Michalina Kujawska
Michalina Kujawska
Senior Chinese Marketing Specialist

Head full of ideas

Weronika is a very creative person with a head full of ideas. She cares about every detail in her work and 100% in her eyes simply isn’t enough. She always aims for extra value. Weronika is also the greatest supporter – she gave me the warmest welcome when I first came to Huqiao and she creates safe space in our team, filling it with enthusiasm and empathy. Working with Weronika is a sheer pleasure and I know that I can always rely on her.

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