Your guide on the Digital Silk Road

The Chinese gaming market is viewed as unknown and high risk, although with huge rewards ahead. It is a home to over 660 million gamers - twice as many as people in America.

But we are here to guide you through it.

Hero Image About us
Founded in Poland

Huqiao was founded in 2021 in Warsaw, Poland

Now we help gamedev studios from all around the world to take their first steps on the Digital Silk Road.

Digital Collaboration Bridges

By using our know-how from the work with over 30 gamedev studios, we will guide you through the whole process - so you can focus on designing games rather than registration on Heybox.

Digital Collaboration

Full transparency during the entire cooperation


Weekly status meetings


Monthly detailed reports - clear analysis of the results


You have the ownership of all accounts created on your behalf

From the CEO

Wojciech Jaworski

Marketing, organizational culture, HR, customer service – these areas should intertwine so closely that it’s hard to find boundaries between them. It is in the constant pursuit of this state that I see the source of success that translates into growing sales or customer value charts. Unfortunately, few people see the connection between how companies communicate and how they deal with business challenges.

Wojciech Jaworski

CEO Huqiao