Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a long-term solution. At first, content marketing's role is to build a presence on social media and show who you are, what your game is, and what it has to offer. If we set the message right, we will attract the right audience, which will later lead to building a community in a long-term perspective. More wishlists and sold copies!

Why is it worth it?


Build your presence

Being visible in Chinese social media by building your presence, has a direct impact on your game. When people know you, your game can reach deeper into the players community.


The Bond of Trust

Chinese community values trust and authenticity. Content marketing allows you to build trust by providing valuable, informative, and relevant content. Extra plus, influencers are much more willing to cooperate when then know you're an authentic person.


Competitive Edge

In a competitive market like China, where both local and international brands vie for attention, content marketing can provide a unique and sustainable competitive edge.


Direct communication

Content marketing in a long-term perspective is helping you build the game's community on Chinese social media.

Benefit from the tailor-made content management plan on Chinese social media.

What's in the potential scope?

  • News from the studio (announcements, game updates, new content/features in the game)
  • Game content (tutorials, modes, tricks & tips, game plays)
  • Community spotlight (resharing videos, player's story, etc.)

And so much more!

Content Marketing

"If somebody could take it off our chest”

The Chinese market often seems like a map area covered with Fog of War - unexplored and hard to approach. Gaining knowledge about it is a crucial step to success - our mission is to explain it and lead you through the process.

Why is it worth it?


Locating your needs and barriers


Analise them during a meeting


Get tailor-made strategy plan


Let's get to work!

Does your game have potential in China?

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