Community Management

As the Chinese players tend to be more critical, monitoring and replying to their comments is essential during game launch. By community management, you keep in touch with the players to monitor and analyze their response to your game.

Why is it worth it?


Cultural Relevance

Effective community management ensures that your interactions, content, and responses align with the values and expectations of Chinese users.


No negative comments

Effective community management can turn negative comments into positive, simply by answering comments.


Building trust

Building trust is paramount in the Chinese market, and this can significantly impact purchasing decisions.


Lowering refund rate

Effective community management is a direct way to lower the refund rate. It plays a critical role in managing the situation, providing accurate information, and controlling the narrative.

From a long-term perspective, community management is not only helpful when it comes to the game development but very much needed.

What's in the scope?  

  • Localising Steam announcements
  • Responding to comments in Chinese on the Steam page in culture-conscious way
  • Gathering and organizing feedback from Steam
  • “Converting” negative reviews to positive ones

Community Management

Eliminate bad reviews

With proper community management, we can turn negative comments into positive ones. Which directly increases the wishlists and game sales.

Why is it worth it?


Keep an eye on the response to your game


No extra budget on playtests - your community will help you


One of direct reasons for spike in wishlists


Lower refund rate

Does your game have potential in China?

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