Vertical Video Production

We make your game stand out in the Chinese market by creating a wide range of tailor-made, vertical videos that will resonate within the community.

Why is it worth it?


Positive impact on wishlists growth

Tailor-made videos of your game will get you closer to the Chinese community, and get more positive impact.



The vertical format is more compatible with portable screens - you can reach the creators and the community on the go.


Boost to awareness and sales

Chinese-themed assets inspire the influencers or key people within the community to participate.


Western visuals can be unreadable

Chinese gamers are used to a specific editing style, which is different from Western.

Create a more personal and memorable connection with your audience by utilizing tailor-made videos.

What can you expect?

  • Cultural adjustments
  • Eye-catching editing - customize text overlays, subtitles, etc. to enhance the visual appeal and accessibility
  • Dynamic, bright videos

Video Production

What genres are popular in China?

It’s a frequent question when it comes to approaching the Chinese market. What may work in Europe may not necessarily be popular in Asia, making it crucial to adapt the visual and textual elements to local tastes.

Why is it worth it?


Locate the needs and potential


Analyze them during the meeting


Get a tailored-made strategy plan


Let's get to work!

Does your game have potential in China?

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