FINAL CALL to win $10 000 for your dream game

Wojciech Jaworski
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Share your story with us - and win $10k support for finishing your dream game.

LAST CALL! Huqiao's first global game competition


We want to support game devs & development studios! Enter our competition for a chance to win $10 000 for your game.

Our mission

What brought us all to HQ?

Love for games.

“Amber bridge” - this is what Huqiao (琥桥) actually means. Our company was created to connect Western developers with Chinese gamers - and we helped many amazing games find their fans in this difficult market.

Now we want to further support people who make them. There is no other industry as passionate as gamedev, and in current difficult times we want to help one chosen team to finish their dream project. With mass layoffs and studio closures, sharing your creativity and reminding ourselves why we got here in the first place can help us feel less alone.

So this is our story.

What about yours?

Enter our competition to win $10 000 for your project. We are looking for non-released PC titles from beginner solo developers & teams with less than 3 titles published. Submitted games will be judged by their playability, artistic value, potential & of course: how fun they are to play.

UPDATE: final deadline for submissions extended until 28.06.24.


  • Applications close: 28.06.2024, 00:00 CET.
  • Judging: 1.07 - 12.07.24.
  • Winner announcement: 15.07.24.


For submission form in Chinese: follow this link.

MAIN prize - for the best overall entry:

  • 10k dollars;
  • 6 month marketing support in China (or global), based fully on rev share: 70% revenue goes to you.

Runner-up prizes - for 5 additional participants:

  • free strategic consultations regarding the Chinese market and your marketing strategy with one of our experts, working on projects like Factorio or Soulstone Survivors.

You will also have an opportunity to share your story with the audience of our partners, clients & industry experts - we are open to featuring it on our social media.

Rules of submission

Team requirements:

Games can be submitted by solo developers or teams. We encourage people from every background & nationality to participate!

  • Participants should be at least 18 years old or older;
  • Less than 3 games published.
  • We accept worldwide applications.

To keep things fair - we are not accepting submissions from our past or current clients.

Games qualified for support:

  • At least 10 minutes of unique gameplay;
  • Not released before 22.03.24;
  • Preferred platform: PC, Mac;
  • Available/planned to be published on Steam;
  • No NSFW content, including excessive violence and offensive/discriminatory content.

You can use any game assets that you created, purchased, or downloaded with proper licensing. Teams infringing copyright will be disqualified.

Judging criteria

Our team of judges will consider each game in terms of:

  • Playability - in general, does the game work? Are there many bugs?
  • Graphics, audio & writing;  
  • Overall potential of the game;
  • How fun is it to play?

Each criteria bears equal weight.

You will be asked to submit your game's build for us to test and judge it.

Everything you submit is fully your property, we claim no ownership or rights to your game.


For submission form in Chinese: follow this link.

  • What are the terms and conditions of the contest?

Follow this link to read them.

  • How to apply?
  1. Click on "Apply" button above or follow this link;
  2. Fill out the Google form.

Pay special attention to providing correct contact info - you don't want to miss your prize!

  • Am I eligible if my game participated in Steam Next Fest?

Yes, sharing your demo is permitted.

  • Can you edit your submission?

Yes, the form should be available for changes.

  • If I worked on more than 3 titles in the past, but as a studio it's our first - am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, if you are applying as a studio.

  • Other inquiries

We are open to partnerships, for example sharing initiatives helping those influenced by layoffs on our social media.
Please contact us at hello[at]huqiao.pl if you have any questions.

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Apply today to win $10k!

Submit your answers through the form to qualify for support.