Influencer Outreach

Increase the number of your wishlists without any extra budget - keep in touch with influencers who out of pure passion support your game by creating videos and giving valuable feedback.

Why it’s worth it.


Enter new distribution channels.

Gain access to BiliBili, Douyin, etc. and watch as the videos about your game come to life.


Gain access to Chinese influencers.

KOL, KOC - we help you get in touch with them.


Low risk - high reward ratio.

Influencer outreach is the most reliable way to boost your sales in the safest manner.


Fast results.

From our experience, contacting influencers and coordinating video releases is the The fastest way to increase your game sales before launch.

+58 thousand wishlists in 2 weeks without extra budget on influencers or ads? Yes, we can!

Our solutions will help you reach the Chinese gaming community and reach the full potential of your game, whether you're a small indie or an AAA game developer. We'll contact min. 30 influencers monthly and coordinate video release on your behalf!

What's the scope?

  • Registering the Developer's account on Bilibili
  • Custom-made database & Huqiao’s contact list
  • Pitching to min. 30 influencers monthly (10k-3mln+ fans) on Bilibili and via WeChat
Influencer Outreach

Hear it from the developers themselves.

"Thanks to cooperation with, we have gained a solid dose of self-confidence in operating in such a unique market as China. We are happy that we can always consult our moves, reach a wider circle of creators and obtain the much-needed linguistic assistance in our efforts to present our project to as many players as possible." - Tomasz Stajszak, CEO of Ritual Interactive "The wishlists’ growth has exceeded our expectations!" Jakub Ananicz, CFO at Games Operators

Why it’s worth it.


We help you identify the needs and barriers


We analyze them during the meeting


You get a tailored strategy and action plan


We get down to work!

Does your game have potential in China?

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