Case study.

- Burst influencer outreach on Bilibili


  • Support the publisher before game's launch
  • Create hype and further boost interest in the game


  • Less than a month left to the release
  • Coordinate publishing the videos after the embargo ends

How we did it?


Our cooperation started at the beginning of May 2023. The main goal was to support the publisher before the official launch, focusing strictly on increasing sales from the Chinese market. In order to use the momentum and create hype, the wave of videos was set on 24th of May - one day before the release.

The person responsible for the project was Aleksander Ptak, our Junior Chinese Marketing Specialist.


The most effective solution to quickly boost sales is influencer outreach. In this case, as there was little time left, we decided on a burst support - one time service including contacting at least 50 content creators.

There are three requirements before starting:

  • It has to be at least one month before the release, so we will have enough time to map out and contact the influencers. 
  • The playable build has to be ready, so they can actually play the game.
  • And the last thing is localisation - as not many people in China speak English, it can greatly increase the chances of success.

We had 3 weeks for influencer outreach and during that time we managed to confirm 20 influencers who were eager to create videos about Above Snakes. What did it look like?

  • We started out with mapping out all the influencers that created content about similar titles (like Timberborn or Dinkum) and putting them into a custom database created for Above Snakes. We focused on games that were relaxing and forgiving.
  • Then we reached out directly from the publisher’s Bilibili account, which made the contact more personal. Each influencer received a game key as value.
  • We also helped influencers with accessing the right version of the game to avoid any mistakes.

Then, we agreed on 24th of May as the release date for the videos.


In just two days after the embargo ended, we noticed that the amount of wishlists on Heybox jumped by 4 thousand.

Out of 62 Chinese influencers in our database, 49 videos were released in just 7 days after the premiere. As of 31st of May we surpassed 300k views

This in turn led to over 4k copies sold just on Heybox after a month.

What’s more, 27% of reviews on Steam were in Chinese, and Above Snakes was #1 trending on Steam Spy. 


+4k copies
sold in a month on Heybox
+4k wishlists
wishlists growth in just 2 days after the release
49 videos
published in just 7 days after the release
49 videos
published in just 7 days after the release

Influencer outreach is a proven way to bring sales - the results above are a sure proof of that. Not only is it cost effective, but it’s able to generate results on a small time-window, which can be crucial before any major update.

Aleksander Ptak


A summary from our specialist:

After I saw the game for the first time I thought "I see potential for tens of thousands sold copies - let's make it real". Setting up over 30 influencers and making sure that they will stick to the embargo wasn't an easy task, but I wanted to deliver the best possible results for the client. I have set a goal for myself as a specialist - over 200k of views under the videos. And guess what happened next ;)

Junior Chinese Marketing Specialist

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