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Case study.

- Intensified influencer outreach on Bilibili


  • Support the publisher before the launch of the demo
  • Create hype and further boost interest in the game


  • Less than a month left to the release
  • Coordinate publishing the videos after the embargo ends

How we did it?

1⃣ Bit of a background:

Our first cooperation with Games Operators started in June 2022 and concluded in May 2023. During that time, we focused on influencers, content marketing and community management for Infection Free Zone - post-apocalyptic city builder, allowing you to play on the map in any place of the world.
We started working together again this July to boost results before and during the long-awaited release of Infection Free Zone demo on the 27th. The person responsible for the project was our most experienced Chinese Marketing Specialist, Michalina Kujawska - beside Game Ops, working with clients like Egosoft or WUBE Software.

🎯 The goal was simple: increase wishlists as much as possible.

2⃣ What was the recommended solution?

With less than a month left until the release, the answer was simple: intensified Chinese influencer outreach. We reached out to relevant content creators in a culture conscious way and coordinated the release of the videos.

It’s the most cost-effective solution to quickly boost wishlists.

From June 2022, we were focused on reaching as many people as possible and gathering a devoted player base in China. Every piece of content written, video released by an influencer, and comment answered was a carefully set domino piece.

Now it was time to give them a little push.

3️⃣ What results did we achieve?

Before the end of July, out of 87 influencers in our database, 33 of them managed to publish content. In total, they were responsible for posting over 102 videos.

  • Their total following equaled 5 million.

These 102 videos were watched over 11 million times.

This in turn led to +58 thousand wishlists growth just on Heybox - from 90 to 148k. In just two weeks, we achieved 64% growth.

One Douyin influencer at first was interested only in paid campaigns. After reaching out to him, he priced his video for at least 12 000 RMB (=over 1,5k euro), but finally agreed to publish it free of charge.

His first video about Infection Free Zone reached over 3,3 million views.


33 influencers posted videos
their total following: 5 million
+58k wishlists
nr 6 on the list of most popular upcoming games on the platform
over 102 videos
watched over 11 million times
over 102 videos
watched over 11 million times

Influencer outreach is a proven way to bring sales - the results above are a sure proof of that. Not only is it cost effective, but it’s able to generate results on a small time-window, which can be crucial before any major update.

Games Operators CFO Jakub Ananicz


A quote from our client:

“The wishlists’ growth has exceeded our expectations!” - These are the words Jakub Ananicz, CFO at Games Operators, used to sum up our cooperation 7 months ago.

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