Franciszek Georgiew


Franciszek Georgiew

Every day he repeats to the team - what we are, how we work and where are we going. He makes sure that the value proposition for customers is alive, strong and rooted in the DNA of the organization.

Through the business, he is pursuing his personal mission to exceed his yesterday's limits every day. After seven years as the CEO of Tigers, he has moved on to lead a group of entities in which he holds controlling stakes: Tigers, Automation House, Huqiao and Tigers Devs.

I believe the strength of Tigers comes from a clear strategy, common goals and a transparent approach to business.


years in digital marketing


years in Tigers


4 companies in the group currently


We develop our skills in aT-shaped model



After achieving great success as a specialist, Franciszek became an entrepreneur - learning from scratch. He ran operations personally for his first clients, then laid the seed of every department in the company. After leaving his role as CEO of Tigers, he is focusing on building the synergy of entities in the group.


His marketing and business experience shapes his strong strategic sense; it is also his first talent according to the Gallup test. He can quickly connect distant aspects and draw out the essence.


Although he perfectly understands the potential of social media, in his daily work (and recruitment) he is guided primarily by his knowledge of the immutable laws of marketing and human psychology. He has managed to build one of the strongest channels among digital agencies in Poland.

Franciszek privately...

Interesting facts that not everyone knows about


He is fascinated by ancient history and Southeast Asia


In 2020, his most listened to song was "Ski mask" by Smokepurpp


He took the company's original name from the tiger leggings

Franciszek through the eyes of associates ...

Daniel Kotliński
Daniel Kotliński
Strategic Planner

A natural strategist

Franciszek constantly motivates us to push the limits of what we ourselves consider unattainable. The vision he presented to me at the beginning of our cooperation has been realized in every iota. You can always count on his attention and support.

Wojciech Jaworski
Wojciech Jaworski

Inspirational leader

Working with Franciszek, I've experienced an unusual combination of qualities. On a daily basis, he exudes a calmness that comes from experience, which is intertwined with a constant need to seek new and exciting peaks to conquer. His attitude inspires one to take bold steps. He is a leader whose words are followed by actions and support.

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