Wojciech Jaworski


Wojciech Jaworski

Spent 2 years in Shanghai, speaks Chinese. Used to be a hardcore World of Warcraft player. Worked as freelance translator for ESL Poland on several Intel Extreme Masters events, as well as for CDP Red on Gwent Tournaments.

He decided to connect his two passions and founded Huqiao 琥桥. Now, he specialises in creating marketing strategies for PC & mobile games in China.

严立行 - I treat my Chinese name, Yan Lixing, like a second identity - I sternly push forward, not looking at adversity


games supported in China


Wishlists generated in 2 weeks for one client.


cities visited in China


We develop our skills in aT-shaped model

Distribution platforms
Strategy for the Chinese market
Business development
Game marketing
Influencer outreach

Strategy for the Chinese market

He worked with over 35 gamedev studios to increase their game sales in China.

Game marketing

In 2023 alone, he gave 4 speeches during events like Digital Dragons and DevGamm Vilnius.

Influencer outreach

Check our case studies to see the results!

Wojciech privately...

Interesting facts that not everyone knows about


He is fascinated by Chinese calligraphy, and is particularly fond of register writing.


In his spare time, he loves playing Cyberpunk.


His favourite aesthetics = neons.

Wojciech through the eyes of his associates...

Weronika Jaszcz
Weronika Jaszcz
Senior Marketing & Growth Specialist

Every time Wojciech talks about China, his face lights up - and so does the room he’s in. His passion and energy when it comes to the topic is unmatched; what’s more, it’s extremely contagious. Whether he’s explaining the details of different social media platforms or recalling adventures from his time in China, you can’t help but feel inspired. Wojtek is a born leader. When you focus on the next quarter, he is already envisioning the next 5 years. What’s more, he has a unique ability to see opportunities in everything. For him, there really is no limit above the sky.

Aleksander Ptak
Aleksander Ptak
Senior Chinese Marketing Advisor

From the day I joined Huqiao, on a daily basis I am inspired by the level of support, encouragement, and trust that Wojtek places in each member of the team. Whenever you are dealing with roadblocks, he is always ready to help you find the solution you are looking for. After few months together I can tell for sure that he is the perfect mentor and leader who embodies open communication and an interest in the well-being of each of us. Working with him is a pleasure, and I am looking forward to things that we will achieve in the future.

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