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Case study.

- Influencer marketing campaigns - Community management on Chinese social media - Outreach to news outlets and partners in China - Localization -> Content creation in Chinese


  • Increasing the wishlist number on Steam
  • Monitoring Chinese social media & gathering feedback
  • Getting as much Steam traffic as possible during the premiere of the new upcoming title


  • API integration with Chinese maps
  • Crowdfunding in China
  • Mapping out most loyal fans

How we did it?

  • Influencer marketing campaign

With the goal of building a community, an influencer campaign was a must. Using our database of verified Chinese influencers we’ve achieved impressive results, the campaign generated 145k+ views, 4,2k likes, 400+ comments, +100-200 HeyBox fans.

Among the influencers we contacted, 3 published the videos free of charge.

  • Content in Chinese

Marketing games in China and building a presence on their social media requires creating content in Chinese. For GameOps we’ve decided to create a gameplay video that's gathered an impressive: 7400+ views, 124 comments, 75 reactions on HeyBox.

  • Community management

To bring us one step closer to the community we’ve created an AMA (ask me anything) post, we’ve received 70+ comments and questions that provided us with incredibly useful insights into the community’s feedback and needs.

  • Key giveaway competition

Managing the community and feedback from our fanbase is incredibly important, but we also needed something to attract new players. That’s why we’ve organised a key giveaway competition, it resulted in 92 comments and 47 reactions.

The wishlists’ growth has exceeded our expectations!

Jakub Ananicz, CFO at Games Operators


+26 799 wishlists
between June and December 2022 - 46% increase in 6 months of cooperation
the number of wishlists coming from China (highest wishlist percentage globally)
45 000
the number of wishlists generated just from HeyBox 
45 000
the number of wishlists generated just from HeyBox 

During these 6 months the number of wishlists has increased by 26 000 thanks to our Chinese community. Everything has been done organically by content creation on HeyBox, outreach to influencers on BiliBili and Douyin and efficient localization and community management for all of these three platforms.

Not everything is only about sales - but also fun!


If you'd like to know about our cooperation with Games Operators from a different perspective: send a DM on LinkedIn to Konrad Chmielewski. He can tell you more about our daily routines.

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