Aleksander Ptak

Senior Chinese Marketing Advisor

Aleksander Ptak

Promoting my clients' games on the Chinese gaming market. I conduct talks with Chinese influencers, while working with them I am able to arrange dozens of videos from my clients' games.

At the age of 7, I started learning Chinese martial arts and the Chinese language. Watching movies and reading about the Middle Kingdom awakened a passion that I now realise digitally. I combined this with my great interest in video games, creating a person who knows how to apply his knowledge of games to the Chinese market.

I don't accept failure. There is always a way that leads to success, my goal is to discover it and follow it to achieve it.


years of active interest in the Chinese culture

10.000 hours

spent playing computer games, allowing me to utilise my knowledge at work


countries visited


We develop our skills in aT-shaped model



Without any prior experience, I was able to understand every step of the process in an instant. In every task I engaged in, after short time my actions brought results for the client


With my wide knowledge about games, I’m able to create unique marketing strategy and approach towards Chinese gaming market


Everything that I do in HQ is connected to my interest in gaming and passion to China, which gives me a lot of energy to do any task, despite toughness of any challenge I come against

Aleksander privately...

Interesting facts that not everyone knows about


Nordic music is my favorite type of music


My hobby is photography


I love reading about the gaming market and spending time on new titles

Wojciech Jaworski
Wojciech Jaworski

Aleksander dives deep into each game he is working on. Thanks to his energetic and proactive approach, he always manages to find solutions to the challenges on the projects he works on, from introducing a horror game to hesitant Chinese influencers to coming up with campaign ideas for a racing game.

Weronika Jaszcz
Weronika Jaszcz
Senior Marketing & Growth Specialist

Whether it comes to his own tasks or helping others - Olek is a person you can truly rely on. He’s so full of enthusiasm and new ideas that it’s contagious. However tired you might be, five minutes into the conversation and you are beginning to imagine a hundred new ways to improve upon your work. His dedication to Huqiao is an example for us all, and there is no better person to have on your project team. Just after three months I am fully confident in saying - working with him is a real pleasure.

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